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Dance Mart
Marketplace to connect dancers and instructor
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Connecting dance students and instructors under one platform

The future of Dance is here. Marketplace for dancers and teachers

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Looking for an on-line class to take at home or office? Have an on-line course to teach?

Dancemart is the future of dance. Dancers search from our ample catalogue of on-line courses. Instructors make more money teaching to the world.

Connecting Dancers and Instructors


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How it works for Dance students

Discover courses

You can select from our ample catalogue of online courses. All types of dance.

Chat with your instructor

Coordinate and agree with your teacher the course and delivery: via video-call, Zoom, recorded, etc.

Take class. Make payment and review your teacher.

Dancemart takes care of payments via Paypal y Stripe.

Dance instructors make more money teaching to the world

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How it works for Instructors

Register to teach for free

instructors will be able to teach, make money and connect with the students anytime, anywhere through the use of our state of the art streaming technology.

Connect with students

Teach the dance class via video chat directly in the app, Zoom or recording. You establish your price and manage your agenda.

Get paid

After delivering the class you will get paid the agreed price directly to your account.

How it works-tutorial

"The spread of the coronavirus is scary, no matter who you are. But for dancers, who work in close physical proximity to one another, there's an added element of risk."

Dance Magazine

Looking to learn how to pivot your dance business on-line?

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Changing the World One Dance at a Time

DanceMart, a brand of the World Dance Group, is committed to spreading the joy and artistry of dance worldwide. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we empower dancers from diverse backgrounds and foster a global community.