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Dance Mart
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How it works

Welcome to the future of Dance.

Dancemart is growing rapidly and always looking for amazing people to join our amazing team of dance instructors. All types of dance are welcome. Whether you're looking to expand the reach of your dance studio or join our team as independent instructor, We're changing the Dance industry one dance at a time. Join us today!

Watch this short tutorial:


Dance students:

1)      Sign up - for free!

2)      Browse through instructors and classes (make sure you select the type of dance or coaching session you want).

3)      Find your preferred dance instructor.

4)      Message instructor - ask them anything.

5)      Schedule: Each class has its own availability calendar. Find a time that fits you best (note - the time zone on the calendar is the teacher's time zone - be aware of potential time differences

6)The transaction will take place once the instructor confirms your request. If the instructor doesn’t reply within 3 days - the request will be cancelled and the money will not be transferred.

Click the video chat link (you can see it on the class page) at the scheduled time.

Enjoy your Online Personal Class!



1) Fill out our application form. 

2) Receive confirmation 

3)Sign up - for free!

4)Set up your instructor profile.

5)Click the “Offer an online class” tab on the top menu bar.

6)Offer a personal or group dance or fitness class.

7)Link your PayPal or Stripe account.

8)Get notified by in-mail when you receive a request.

9)Chat with customers using our online messaging platform. Discuss their needs and expectations from the class (note - the time zone on the calendar is the teacher's time zone - be aware of potential time differences and make sure the student is aware of them too).

10)Confirm the booking.

11) Deliver the class in the format you agree with the student: live video, Zoom ,Google Meet or pre-recorded.

12)Get paid.

Click the video chat link at the scheduled time.

Do what you love to do!

 For more tips and guidance go to our Instructor Handbook

Read more about how it Works.