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Meera N
Meera N

“Space, Natyam, Arangu” are multi-dimensional words that hold myriad connotations for most people but for me, who grew up in the artistically charged environs of Irinjalakuda, these words simply define who I am. They refine my perception of the world and are deeply embedded within my life.

I was always attracted towards Natyam from girlhood and this insatiable passion towards dance led me to learn from many teachers. Soon after, I attended Kalakshetra, an internationally acclaimed school of Indian arts that has produced many notable alumni.

At Kalakshetra I trained rigorously for six years under luminaries like Sheejith Krishna and others. It's the training under Sheejith Krishna that made me sense the beauty of the art as well as nature. While studying at Kalakshetra, I performed widely in many dance dramas conceived by the legendary Rukmini Devi Arundale and travelled with them to almost all parts of India. In 2013, Kalakshetra invited me as a guest artiste to play the role of Radha in Gita govindam and in 2019-2020, as Sita in the Ramayana series. In 2016 I got an opportunity to be a part of Ram Katha, a dance drama production of Sheejith Krishna. I have also shared stage with Leela Samson and many other world prominent exponents of Indian dance.

After my post-diploma at Kalakshetra, I continued teaching there for a year before returning to Irinjalakuda to pursue a degree in Fine Arts. Around this time I trained under G.Venu to perfect the art of emotive expressions and continued my research in Bharatanatyam in Chennai. Today I teach students in my own Kalari Natyarangam, a Gurukulam where I expand my passion in reviving old traditions and Arangu performances to many more others.