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Dance Mart
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World Dance Group
World Dance Group

An "expert generalist" by definition is someone with the capacity to gain expertise in various disciplines, industries, skills, and topics. Noel is in a constant journey to become an expert generalist. He has as a restless pursuit of knowledge and a talent for applying his learning across a range of disciplines. He is a proven blue-sky thinker able to integrate unique combination of skills, knowledge and life experiences into innovative brands and products. Quotes from ex bosses: “expert in always pulling rabbits from the hat”; “Connect the dots to always find a solid liquid idea”. After exciting years with The Coca-Cola Company, and working with other Global brands, Noel knew it was time to follow his “YOLO” (you only live once) moment, and that is to make the World Dance! Upon acquiring a 100% the rights to produce the famous ESPN World Salsa Championships (Noel was one of the founders), he founded the World Dance Group with the mission of providing the global stage for dancers to be in the big leagues at the levels of Olympic sports. Noel’s ultimate goal is to eventually make Salsa dancing an Olympic sport.

After celebrating 5 editions with ESPN, The WSC becomes a natural blend of music+sports+dancing; three of the most proven magnets to generate TV ratings and viral digital content. The WSC, commonly referred as "The Olympics of Salsa" takes place every four years. Next season was supposed to take place this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Covid-19 and the need for social distance paralyzed the preparations for the 6th edition of the World Salsa Championship. Noel, concerned about the consequences of the crisis in the thousands of professional dancers in the world, began a long series of activities and products to support dancers and musicians, such as redesigning SalZOOM APP to keep the community together, developed from scratch two e-commerce stores and creating DanceMart, a SaaS platform to connect dance students and instructors in one place for online classes. The company also created LIKE$, a platform where artists can turn the famous likes of social media, into dollars. Please join Noel on his journey, with every dance step you take, we are one step closer to our envisioned future of a fit and happy world DANCING together. In 2021, Noel will be open to consultant work in Latin America launching two unique brands that will be announced soon.