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Mambo Mario Diaz

Starting at: $100

about Mambo Mario Diaz

My name is Mario Diaz and they call me Mambo Mario. I became a dance instructor in 1987, I have 33 years of experience as an instructor, performer and coach. I was born of Cuban descent in New York City and taught to dance by my mother Margarita at the age of 9. My initiation as a dancer, percussionist and emcee began while attending De Witt Clinton High School. I am one of the original Eddie Torres Dancers and one of the choreographers of "Combinacion Perfecta" as an RMM dancer.

Throughout my career I have performed in stages all over the United States and the world and have shared the stage with shared the stage with , José Alberto "El Canario", Celia Cruz, La India, Tito Puente, Gloria Estefan, Oscar D'Leon, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Marc Anthony, Giovanni Hidalgo, Ray Sepúlveda, Tito Nieves, Frankie Ruiz, Ray Ruiz, Tony Vega, Domingo Quiñones, Típica 73, Jimmy Bosch, Dave Valentín, The Stylistics and The Miracles and Israel Cachao Lopez (the creator of the Cha-Cha-Cha) to name a few.

My style of teaching is easy going and laid back and my main focus is fundamentals, musicality, timing and most of all enjoyment. If you are not having fun why bother to dance.

If you want to be smooth on the dance floor I am your guy.

Video Chat:
Live private lesson 1 hour.
Listing Created At Dec 16, 2020

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