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Dance Mart
Marketplace to connect dancers and instructor
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Introducing Dancemart, the first and only Marketplace for Dancers and Teachers

Dancemart is a platform and marketplace for online dance and fitness classes. We connect students and dance instructors from around the world for online live one-on-one sessions.

We offer both pre-recorded and live lessons using our proprietary streaming integrated technology. If you prefer to connect via Zoom or Google meet you can do it as well.

We believe that receiving real time feedback and personally tailored sessions benefits both instructors and students alike.

Our goal is to enable people to dance from the comfort of their home or office - anywhere, anytime.

For instructors, we offer a simple and effective way to expand their work opportunities and business beyond the physical studio. We take care of the technology so you can focus on what you love to do: Dance.

 We welcome all instructors from any dance and fitness genre to apply here.

 Read more about how it works in the "how it works" section.